Department of Materials Science and Technology , Niigata

Department of Materials Science and Technology , Niigata

Research core center

Niigata University has the system that perform education and research activities aiming at the establishment of a prominent research base by special member gathered from wide range exceeding conventional organization, called "Core Station". Based on the "Core station" system, some research centers have formed into the Institute of Natural Science and Technology. Related centers to which our department staffs join are as follows.

Center for Quantum Materials Science

This center involves the following three major fields and promotes the international-level material science researches

  1. The science field that clarifies magnetism and superconductivity of strongly correlated electron systems by measurements under extreme condition such as low temperature / high magnetic field / high pressure using ultrasonic and so on.
  2. The field of cluster science research that clarifies new physical properties and functions such as a soft matter using structural analyses including small-angle X-ray or neutron scattering
  3. The computational material science research field that clarifies new physical properties such as many-body systems and quantum magnets by the first-principle calculation utilizing parallel computing in PC Cluster.

Related staff: TAKEDA Naoya, and NAKANO Tomohito

Center for Environmental Technology, Materials Engineering, and Nanochemistry

This center carries out education research related to the following three fields.

  1. The field of environmental engineering, which aims at the development of energy technology for achieving harmonization with environment, the development of technology for reducing environmental loads during production, distribution, consumption, disposal, and the proposal of novel materials to necessary for realizing them.
  2. The field of material creation, which aims at the design of material for realizing environmental harmonic system, the development of technology for optimizing material process, and the application of nanochemical method for material creation.
  3. The field of nanochemistry, which aims at the application of nanochemical viewpoint for synthesizing of material and evaluating of physical property, and the development of material by a nanochemical method.

Moreover, the center promotes exchanging and mutual understandings between each field, and further expansion of new field.

Related staff: TANIGUCHI Masayuki, YAGI Masayuki, YAMAUCHI Takeshi, TANAKA Takaaki, OHKI Motofumi, and OCHIAI Akihito

Regional Cooperation Food Science Center

Regional Cooperation Food Science Center was launched to aim for "innovation in technology" and "social action" through the activities such as exchanges between engineers from "food-related fields" and seeds provision from our university. The center composed of over 60 researchers in the field of engineering / agriculture / medicine / dentistry / pedagogics, and establish the mutual corporation that meet various needs.

Related staff: TANIGUCHI Masayuki, TANAKA Takaaki, and OCHIAI Akihito