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Featured subjects

Basic Quantum Mechanics (Fundamental technical subjects / TAKEDA Naoya)

In the beginning of the 20th century, a number of phenomena at atomic levels that are difficult to be explained by mechanics and electromagnetism were found. Quantum mechanics were established to explain them. In quantum mechanics, nature of particle and wave, which conflicted each other, were integrated in an excellent form. Quantum mechanics is an essential subject that enables us to understand not only the small world at an atomic level but also materials consisting of atoms and therefore modern sciences / technologies are based on quantum mechanics.
In the “Basic Quantum Mechanics”, students learn how to handle and consider Schrodinger equation and wave functions to understand the world at atomic levels. After having learned those basics, students learn special subjects related to solid state properties such as metal, semiconductor, magnetic substance and superconducting materials on through “Advanced Quantum Mechanics”.

Evaluation of Advanced Materials (Technical subjects / OHKI Motofumi)

Case of Specialized SubjectFor construction of safe & reliable society, and protection of global environment, industrial importance of advanced functional materials are enhanced increasingly. Therefore, it is crucial to understand mechanical characteristics of such advanced functional materials for practical use. In the “Evaluation of Advanced Materials”, fundamental recognition of the strength of materials for understanding the above is explained firstly. Then, outline of various material testing, theories and procedures of material testing, significance of obtained material properties are lectured.
Moreover, "Materials Science & Engineering Laboratory II" which carries out various material testing studied in this lecture is held in the same semester of the lecture. It is effective to promote essential understanding by synergy effect of lecture and experiment.
This picture shows a measuring device for microscopic displacement in universal testing machine, used in "Materials Science & Engineering Laboratory II".

Design subjects

フCase of Design SubjectThe subject “Senior Design in Material Science” focuses on the "Technology Education" which is supported by a program "Good Practice (GP)" from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) in 2003. This is a practice subject about material system, and the students, faculty members, and enterprises work on a part of the project research accompanied with the enterprise cooperation. They assemble a team for each subsidiary aim and plan experimental designs based on the improvement and evaluation methods for materials. The purpose of this subject is to acquire the comprehensive ability for design involved in the development and evaluation of the advanced materials that have useful functions through the above educational program.